Sustaining Our Environment

Coming Together To #LiveGreener

We lead by example, inspiring others to make a difference, too.

This big blue marble we all live on is pretty important to us. We do our level best to be good stewards and reduce our environmental footprint using sustainable practices, and we let our employees lead the way toward making a difference together.

We are a catalyst for building good (pun intended).

Big impacts often start with small actions.  We operate our facilities in ways that conserve energy, water, and raw materials – and that is no small task!

the ABCs of sustainability (they’re all Rs)


We are on the lookout in every corner of our business to find ways to reduce material waste.

  • Daylight Harvesting systems in place result in 40% less energy used in open office workspaces and an overall 38% reduction in energy consumption.
  • We offer our clients paperless options to reduce the number of hard-copy documents produced.


No one-hit-wonders for us! We steer clear of single-use materials where possible.

  • On average, our largest locations save over 1,200 disposable plates a day and over 1,400 disposable cups a day.
  • Our total count of plastic water bottles saved across the company exceeds 110,000 and counting!




We believe in second chances. We try to use materials that can be repurposed.

  • We pick biodegradable and recyclable materials whenever possible.
  • Setting a good example is important, but we also use our influence for good on our vendors and local non-profits to convince them to make environmentally conscious choices.




We see the big picture and know we can make it brighter.

  • “Heat map” analysis help us place new facilities for reduced carbon emissions and traffic impact.
  • 90% of onsite catering comes from within a 4-mile radius.



We don't want to be too extra - we try only to take what we need.

  • We monitor events to ensure we provide just the materials we need without excessive waste.
  • We request that our vendors not provide plastic or single-use materials.


We keep in mind those whose needs are great.

  • We work with nonprofits that give back to local communities.


Our People

We promote mental, physical, social, and financial health through events and programming.

Our Communities

The PCTY Gives program supports our local communities and our employees' passion projects.