The New Remote Workforce

At Paylocity, we made the jump from half of our workforce working remotely to nearly 100% in response to the coronavirus. We’re here to help you make that transition effective and smooth.

Key Steps to a Fully Remote Workforce

Get a few valuable lessons we learned along the way to transitioning to a nearly 100% remote workforce.

HR Data Insights to Help You Navigate COVID-19

Learn how data insights can help you know just how to best support your employees during times like these.

Ensure Your Employees Stay Informed

Our Emergency Setup Dashboard identifies missing employee data to prevent communication gaps.

Convenient, Connected, Confident

Learn how GT Midwest’s 10 locations went fully remote within a week of multiple states’ stay-at-home orders while driving confidence and value with forward-thinking, flexible solutions to connect with employees.

Connection Is Essential

Employee engagement was a challenge for employers, even before so many of us shifted to working remotely full time. Cultivating a welcoming and inclusive culture while keeping your workforce connected is more important today than ever before. The coronavirus may have your teams scattered, but we've got some key strategies and tools to keep them plugged into the company and with each other. Check out our Micro Kits below for easy-to-use templates and guides on using technology to stay in touch from a distance.

Mobile App

Give employees on-demand access to Paylocity tools on-the-go.


Keep your employees connected with our social collaboration tool.


Hear directly from your employees to keep a pulse on what they need.

Go Digital with Paylocity

Put the first day focus back on the employee.
Performance Management
Employees can set and manage goals, facilitate ongoing conversations.
Direct Deposit
Give employees the power to self-manage their paychecks.
Benefit Administration
Easily connect employees to their benefits information and reduce costs.