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Employee performance is at the heart of talent management. But manually tracking performance can result in errors and loss of data. Our Performance Management tools can help you define and manage employees’ goals with ease. Enable transparent, two-way communication with Performance Reviews and Journaling, allowing you and your teams to have ongoing conversations that fuel their development and level up their careers.

Features Overview

Goal Management

Get your employees involved in their development by defining and agreeing on performance objectives together. Set and manage goals and appraisals in a single location, making it easy for employees to actively work on achieving them.

Performance Reviews

Allow employees to participate in their reviews with self-appraisal functionality. Create and define success factors and unique scoring options, and determine employee potential and readiness for their next role with 9-Box succession planning.

Full-Scale Feedback

Facilitate ongoing, goals-driven conversations using journals, giving employees a record of their tasks, goals, and accomplishments. Request feedback from others for input on employee performance for a full, 360-view of their development.

3 Ways Technology Can Help Engage and Grow Talent

Employees are looking for opportunities to grow their career and expect ongoing support through their advancement journey. Paylocity’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alison Challman, shares her advice for how you can take an active role in developing employees and use tech to nurture top talent.


Data Insights

Monitor key metrics, identify trends and make smarter, data-backed decisions with visual dashboards.


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