On Demand Payment

Your Paycheck Within Reach

You want your company to stay competitive in today’s gig economy. Keeping employees satisfied is key to retaining your top workers; giving them flexible cash flow options can help. Now you can offer your workforce the option to access a portion of earned wages before their scheduled payday, quickly, and without disrupting your payroll process.

Employees Love On Demand Payment

Give your employees the financial flexibility they desire. Providing them early access to a portion of their
earned wages
during the active pay cycle can reduce financial stress and improve employee satisfaction.
And they’ll get 
peace of mind by ensuring their bill payments are always on time. 

It’s Easy
Get convenient, self-serve access to request funds via the mobile app.
It’s Quick
Same-day transfers (deposits made by noon CT transfer by 5 p.m. same-day).
It’s Accurate
Real-time net pay calculation showing actual earnings, not just a prediction.
It’s Seamless
Automatic approvals, automatic deductions. Getting paid has never been easier.

You’ll love that payroll is still business as usual.

Paylocity takes care of the logistics, giving you and your employees a hassle-free, worry-free experience. There’s no change to cash flow since Paylocity sends money to your employee. And funds come from earned wages, so there’s minimal impact to payroll processes. Show employees you put their needs first. You’ll not only increase retention but cater to the needs of the modern workforce as well — a win for all.

Helping You Attract and Retain Gen Z Talent

By the end of 2020, Gen Z will make up 24% of the global workforce.* Our analytics indicate that Gen Z makes up 11% of our clients’ workforces today, and with this number expected to climb in the coming months. At Paylocity, we’re working to create greater personalization to fit the needs of this growing generation. Read our press release to learn more about how we’re working to enhance the employee experience for the latest generation with solutions such as On Demand Payment.


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“We’re helping our clients design automated experiences for payroll, learning and development, performance management and employee engagement that appeal to this generation."

Ted Gaty, Senior VP of Product and Technology at Paylocity


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