Garnishment Managed Services

Simplify Garnishment

Wage garnishments are common, complicated, and can result in severe consequences if mishandled. Fortunately, Paylocity’s Garnishment Managed Services can help provide relief. With our expert guidance, you can take the stress out of complying with complex legal requirements and put the focus back where it belongs — on your business.

expertise you can count on

Diminish Potential Risks
Leverage the expertise of our dedicated team to mitigate the risk of compliance penalties.
Protect Your Time
Save time dealing with tedious, complex requirements of a manual garnishment process.
Avoid Costly Errors
Prevent costly penalties or mistakes and save yourself hours of research.
Simplify for Tomorrow
Import existing orders during the implementation process for easy future access.

We've Got You Covered Every Step of the Way


With Garnishment Managed Services, you can email garnishment orders to our dedicated team of experts who handle every step of the process.


  • Execute documentation and correspondence to agencies, inclusive of employee termination.
  • Order interpretation, calculation, setup, and maintenance of historical deduction record.
  • Disbursement of payments by physical check or electronic payment.
  • Perform calculation validation against state and federal legislation.

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