Flexible Benefits

Enhance Your Benefits

Leveraging the ease of a unified employee experience is a game-changer. Account actions and deductions for your benefits are all managed from the same system, connecting seamlessly to Payroll, ensuring an error-free process. With Paylocity Flexible Benefits, maximizing third-party administrative (TPA) benefit offerings for your employees has never been more accessible — or more rewarding.

Simplify Your Offerings


Health Savings Account, offered to employees with high-deductible health plans. Can set aside funds for qualified health expenses on a pre-tax basis.


Flexible Spending Account, offered to employees who wish to contribute money with each check to pay for qualified expenses on a pre-tax basis.


Health Reimbursement Arrangement, offered to employees with tax advantages for employer-funded health benefits.


Premium Only Plan allows employees to pay most insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis.


Offers temporary continuation of health coverage in the event of termination or other qualifying events.


Transportation Management Account, offered as a pre-tax benefit for work-related transportation and parking.

Give Your Employees More Benefits Options

Your benefits offerings show employees that you're invested in their overall health and their future. Give them more options to help them save on healthcare and out-of-pocket expenses with Paylocity Flexible Benefits.

Connecting You to Your Benefits

Debit Benefit Card
Give employees instant access to their elected funds on a single card. No paying out-of-pocket and no hassle.
Employee Self Service
HIPAA-compliant, intuitive user interface allowing participants to engage with benefit accounts and funds.
Employer Admin
HIPAA-compliant portal empowering administrators to manage account offerings easily and efficiently.
Paylocity Mobile App
Check balances, submit claims, upload receipts, access eligible expenses, receive notifications, and more while on-the-go.


Data Insights

Monitor key metrics, identify trends and make smarter, data-backed decisions with visual dashboards.


Get the most out of your workday with the freedom to connect to Paylocity anywhere, at any time.


You want the freedom to choose the software and systems that are best for your business.

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